Personally I would take neutral clothes to the hospital & hang on to most of the boys clothes till after the baby is born just incase but chances are she will turn out to be a she x My friend was told she was having a girl (on 2 scans! After having two girls, we were expecting our third and told it was a boy, I actually had a girl, named by the midwife as Poppy as we had planned on calling the baby Wiliam.

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However, when it comes to a woman’s sexual health most of the time we hush it up.

Even for cancer like cervical cancer which is common and prevalent in the country affecting a woman in their reproductive age, the consequences on sexual health is not spoken much.

It can happen but to be honest I think it not all that common.

They usually say abput95% accurate so it gves you some idea.

i would look into how much a sexing scan would be.prices are different whereever you go!

and if its going to make you feel more confident and be able to enjoy shopping for girls things then i would go for it!When my baby was born it was a girl they were right and thats when i started stuffing my flat with girly things. I want to book another scan but OH keeps telling me not to be silly!! Was told boy for my first 2 and they were right I have been told girl twice now for this one..Because it's Been said to be a girl at 2 different scans from different sonographers I'm takgn the at there word..Obvious,they can't be100% sure but for me95% is pretty good and they have got it right twice for me previously.I was told at 20 week scan it was a girl, then confirmed at another 3 scans that it was a small girl(they were a little concerned at how small she might be).Kathy One of my friends was told boy...luckily they still had HER sister's clothes etc when SHE arrived!